Anonymous said: Bruh I'm looking at a picture right now that you sourced as your own and I personally know the photographer No hate I'm just saying it's kinda whack. She worked hard for that cred.

Sorry? Actually the only like… 5 pictures that are under the tag xstratocumulus aren’t the ones by me, if that’s what you’re saying. Those are there because special people showed them to me and said “this picture reminds me of you”.

Anonymous said: It's kind of fucked up that you change sources for pictures that aren't yours, man.

I have never taken credit for any picture that isn’t mine. Actually the inmense majority of pictures in my blog don’t have any source because I don’t know it. If you are the photographer of any of them or know who they belong to and want me to credit them just say so and I will happily do it, it’s not a problem for me and I have done it other times.